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How to heal your energy fields so you can 
free yourself from negative energy, forgive & accept where you are now, rewrite your own truth and 

start living in flow while feeling supported

Free healing meditation 2.png

Download the meditations:
 1) Accept & Forgive

2) Cleanse & Heal

3) Healing Affirmations

Use these to:

Free yourself from negative energy, so you can finally attune to the high frequency of the universe and start living in flow.

Understand why you are ill and accept where you are now.

Regain your energy and feel better so you can take appropriate action.

Understand that you're meant to
live your life to the fullest.
Feel supported by the angelic realm and your guides.

​      Regain your energy and feel better so you can take appropriate action to reach your goals and transform your life. 

      Free yourself from the effects of negative people & the collective field by using this powerfull meditation.

      Cleansing and healing yourself will help you to own your true power so you can really live in flow. 

      Accept & Forgive what is happening to you now. So, you can surrender and be open to how this situation allows you to grow. 

      Feel the support of your guides and the angelic realm, know that you are not alone.

      Reset and rewrite your own truth by using these powerful affirmations. 

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