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  • For the best results, listen to these visualisations every day for 30 days or more.

  • Find a quiet spot and sit comfortably with your feet touching the ground. Make sure you’ll be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes.

  • Some people like to visualise all that is suggested to them. Others are more naturally inclined to focus on sensations or awareness rather than on imagery. Whichever preference you have, is fine. When imagery is suggested just allow this to arise or not arise in your awareness. Either way the visualisation is proceeding, all you have to do is relax and let the experience unfold.

  • Never listen to these visualisations while driving, while traveling or in any public place where you can be unexpectedly disturbed.

  • Allow for some time after the visualisations to come back into your everyday awareness.

  • Add the cleansing visualisation to your morning and evening routine. Doing so will help you to raise your vibration so you can attract amazing people and opportunities. It will also free you from the effects of negative people or situations and things will go easier as you start living in flow.

  • Listen to the true essence visualisation daily. It will bring remarkable synchronicities in your business and life, you will feel your own power and get a glimpse of the real impact you can have in this world, you see what you’re truly capable of becoming and you are inspired to take action. You realise that becoming the true you means you will always be ahead of the game.


If you want to download the free visualisations onto your phone or table, you'll need to use a service like iTunes, iCloud, Dropbox or something similar. Here's how to do that...

  • From a desktop or laptop computer, download the free visualisation by clicking on the download button. 

  • Connect your computer to a service like iTunes, iCloud, Dropbox, or similar, and upload the free visualisations MP3 to this service. 

  • Connect your phone or tablet to the service you use and access the mp3 from there or transfer onto your device. 

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