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About Me

Open. Intuitive. Visionary. Supportive. Light. Possibilitarian. Teacher

It’s dark and silent and the clock strikes 9 PM, time to play with my brother again. I love him more than I can tell and he feels so familiar. It’s as if he can read my mind. He feels like the part of me that I’m continuously looking for, but can’t seem to find. 

Several hours pass and it is 11 PM and my parents enter the room checking whether their little girl is asleep. They know I’m often not laying in my bed and sometimes they even need their little dog to actually find me in deep sleep behind the cabinet. They of course wondered about my nightly activities, but didn’t think about it too much. 

Until one day, when I was two years old, I asked my mum whether I had a twin brother. This was the brother I had been playing with during the night. She was stupefied as they never told me that I actually had a twin brother who died during the pregnancy. 

For me this was the beginning of seeing and feeling different things than other people did. And this continued throughout my life. I have faced many obstacles that highly intuitives or highly sensitive people face and found my own way to deal with them. Although it wasn’t easy, took me plenty of years and even brought me to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore. Those challenges are what allowed me to create powerful tools and a system for highly intuitives, that are often misunderstood, so that they can live their life with ease and grace. Now, I wouldn’t want to trade this gift for all the gold in the world.

My biggest passion is to help highly intuitive ambitious entrepreneurs and executives who know that there is more between heaven and earth, but don't know what to do with this, who are unsure how to get to the next level, who feel some people drain their energy, who want to stay ahead of the game, who feel the fear of regret of not living the life true to themselves, who are afraid of their own feeling-power and face the same challenges, like wanting to be the best, overwhelm, feeling alone and many more. I guide you so you can literally transform yourself, reach your maximum potential and operate on genius level by being a superhero in energy and intuition, live life in a flow and to the max! This will help you to go to the next level with ease and grace, being fully resilient and having more impact and freedom than ever before. Embody your true powerful self!


Let me help you see that there is so much more than we can see, that you truly have an amazing super power and that you are able to create your own dream life. Claim your free discovery session with a value of €297.- and open up to the true intuitive you!

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